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R.I.S.E. Discipline

The R.I.S.E curriculum provides students with the necessary skills for challenging secondary schools and higher education. Superior study habits, critical thinking, and self-discipline are all integrated into each aspect of the curriculum.


AcademicsTop of Page

We strive to create a desire to learn. Our children learn to accept responsibility for their studies and become independent learners with stamina and an excellent work ethic. Our core Academic Program includes Language Arts (Spelling, Literature, Grammar, Composition), Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign languages (French, Russian and Spanish in all grade levels).

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Art at R.I.S.E. is about learning the fundamentals of fine arts and developing an appreciation for the beauty of art and music in all its forms.
Visual Arts are centered around the basics of art, an understanding of technique and an appreciation for various forms and artistic styles. Art history is stressed at each level, as well.
Our Music Program combines musical notation with music theory and history. It includes practical application using voice and Orff instruments.
Finally, the students experience how Drama can enhance academic learning and social change while becoming comfortable performing with and before peers. It is a pleasure to watch the children as they regularly perform during our weekly assemblies, other events, and see an awakening of their creative talents.

Physical EducationTop of Page

A strong body is as important to develop as a strong mind. Through daily P.E. classes, students discover their physical potential while learning to become a successful member of a team. We stress good sportsmanship through myriad sports and physical activities. Our students participate in the President’s Physical Activity and Fitness Awards Program.

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The social aspects of a child are vital. We encourage the development of desirable character traits and a sense of fair play and enable growth in accepting responsibility for their actions or lack of action. Each learns the value of his or her individuality and respects the individuality of others. Through the daily meditation and social interactions our children are encouraged to behave with integrity and ethical values.