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Dear Parents,
Welcome to Rossinca International STEAM Education (R.I.S.E.) Academy.  R.I.S.E. is an exceptional school, committed to being a vital part of our community.  We are pleased to introduce you to our unique and highly successful program, where all students are encouraged to collaborate, think critically and independently, and apply their knowledge to the world around them.  Our challenging academics and rich fine arts program develop character, self – confidence, creativity, and communication skills.  The distinguished faculty and staff, talented students, and committed parents, share the joy of teaching and learning.  We welcome the opportunity to share this joy with your family.    

Portrait of the President / Director, Natasha Venzon 
Natasha Venzon
President / Director

Admissions ProcedureTop of Page

Thank you for your interest in Rossinca International STEAM Education (R.I.S.E) Academy.  We want to make admission to R.I.S.E. Academy as expedient as possible and are happy to walk you through any part of the process. Here is an outline of the steps involved.
School Tour
Join a member of our administration for a tour of our school and see what we have to offer. We will answer your questions and give you a peek inside our classrooms. We want you to fully discover our special and unique program. 
Completion of an Application for Evaluation
Upon receipt of the Application for Evaluation form and appropriate fee, we will call you to schedule an evaluation date.
The evaluation is a time for us to get to know your child and his or her abilities. It will help assure optimal grade placement of a pupil.  Candidates for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade will participate in regular classroom activities for one school day in their current grade level and be evaluated by the respective grade teacher. 
Evaluation Review Meeting and Registration
You will meet with the administration to review your child’s evaluation. After a successful evaluation, you will receive a formal letter of acceptance along with registration papers and additional information.