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R.I.S.E. features a terrific student-to-teacher ratio producing our diverse and rigorous high school preparatory environment.  We inspire young minds to become confident, compassionate leaders and global citizens.  Our curriculum combines the classical time-tested Carden language arts program with the latest teaching methodologies in math, science, STEM, liberal arts, and cultural studies.  “Nurturing the Renaissance Child”™ demands a well-balanced daily schedule engaging the whole child, which is consistent with Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory.  Physical education every day, music, choir, art and foreign languages are integrated with classic core and technical programming. 

Confidence is contagious.  Our students build it daily, by challenging ideas and themselves.  Extemporaneous speaking, collaborative presentation, speech and debate, and performing arts are woven into school assemblies, concerts, musicals and celebrations within and without the R.I.S.E. Academy.  
As we strive to nurture and develop the whole child. R.I.S.E. offers a range of special subjects to interconnect academic, social, and artistic skills.
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